Will you not wait?

Will you not wait? Will you not tarry?

Did our King not tell us, of this world to be wary?

The instruction they gave, and the words they spoke,

To us the utmost importance, to others a joke.

We have seen His hand move, and experienced His power,

Will you not listen to His word, this very hour?

The curing of the sick, and the healing of the blind,

You feel the gentle tapping, on the door to your mind.

You feel it working, yet you ignore

And you will never be as miserable as you did before.

The thoughts in your brain, feelings coursing through your veins,

And it is only though that power, that will break the chains.

You are afraid to let Him in, to this life you call your own,

The calling of the Father, can melt your heart of stone.

So grant Him a chance, and push back the attack.

If you feel no change, Satan will gladly take you back.