The age old question…Why?

I often wonder about the complexity of the will and plan of God. The sovereign plan of God cannot be stopped. And in His all knowing state, there is nothing that will escape his view or grasp. Allow me to explain,

During the summer of 2006 I was diagnosed with Progressive myoclonus epilepsy. (for more information on that disorder, I wrote a separate post on it a while back) The doctor told me at the age of 21 my life was effectively half over.  And God spoke to me. Without any prior attempts to hear his voice. He told me to go to Elim Bible Institute. The Bible college that my father attended, and my older brother before me. And I said “No!”

That next year, specifically in November of 2007, I was enrolled at the Finger Lakes Community College in my home town of Canandaigua. I was pursuing my Communications degree, as I wanted to be a writer with the local newspaper. And what degree is complete without a mathematics course. So I found a course that met the requirements, that did not involve complex equations. It was called Math theory. It involved differing theories about vertexes, and paths that are followed. I lot of things I remember little of. For one glaring reason.

I never finished my course. Nor my studies. I “upset” the wife of a cop. And her husband arrested me on charges of aggravated harassment. And he must have been a crumby police officer because when he arrived at my home and put me in handcuffs, he did not recite what my rights were, and the judge threw out the case, based on the fact, there was no evidence of said charges.

I don’t know what ever happened to him, or his wife. And that is not the point. The point I want to make, is that I was expelled form that college. And my communicates degree was suddenly not going to happen.

God spoke to me again. “Go the Elim.” And having been ripped out of my first choice, and with many things that prevented any other path of action, I reluctantly applied. I was enrolled the following September 2008. I received the bulk of my biblical education there. Progressive myoclonus epilepsy was removed from me within three weeks of being on campus.

It was during my senior year 2010, that I was introduced to Marie, my future wife. In December of 2011 we moved to Florida. My son was born a year after we were married. (almost to the day) Though Marie’s contacts, she went to church with a man by name of Jeremy Empie. And she went to school with a girl by name of Katie Callow. Those two got married, moved to Iowa and started a church called Bethesda house. I’m sure you know where this is going.

In February 2017, we moved to Iowa and partnered with them as we launched the church.

Back to the beginning. I often wonder about the complexity of the will and plan of God. The sovereign plan of God cannot be stopped. Through the actions of what I will just call misguided. I ignored the command of God the Father. Upset the wrong woman, and though a long drawn out ordeal, went to Elim, and effectively started life over.

God be praised.

And the complexity of God’s plan has me wondering, If I had listened the first time, I would have attended Elim in 2006 and finished the three year program in 2009. Come 2010, when Marie attended We would not have met. She would have came in, just months after I went out. And never would have known her, and as such, my boy would not have been born, I wouldn’t have moved to Florida, and I never would have known the Empie’s, or been with Bethesda house. So in reality, I need to thank that woman that sicked her husband on me. Everything can be traced back to that.

Thank you Lord for hardships. They teach us lessons, they give us patience. And what Satan uses for evil, the Lord can use it for good.

This is Pastor Amos, reminding you that trials can be good for you. The song “Blessed be Your name” comes to mind.