Solitude (a poem)

I wrote this 8 years ago. Nearly to the day. Just three months before I met Marie. Two years later…She would become my wife.

February 12th, 2010…

I feel so alone, and a close relationship is desired,
but I am not driven by those forces, though thoughts are inspired.
Thoughts of being stroked to sleep, and the purest of joy,
and then memories resurface, and they only annoy.
I do seek to find the girl, that will keep the promises she’ll make,
A girl of striking character and beauty, that is not at all fake.
Though all this is wanted, it is not what I most desire,
I refuse to settle for less, and wish to only soar higher.
Indeed love is wanted, and closeness is what I crave,
but when greed starts to take over, It will only send me to the grave.
My thoughts are those of hope, that she is waiting for me,
time will test my patience, perhaps beyond a tolerable degree.
I do believe in miracles, and I have never believed in fate,
and the faith that I have, will grant me the patience to wait.
It is true that I yearn, to have some love in my life.
But I don’t want to find my next girlfriend… I want to find my future wife.


Don’t give up hope. Though it’s frail, it is hard to kill.

Keep it in Jesus.