My apologies

Well dead readers, it has been some time. Please forgive me for not being consistent with my posts. When I went to Florida I knew there would be one week without any posts. While I was away, Pastor Jeremy decided it was in order to undertake a task that I will just call “operation reorganization”.

For those of you who have not met pastor Jeremy, he is a man with a passion for all things neat and tidy. He is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. And when he thought it best to move our churches sound booth from one side of the church sanctuary to the other, I thought it would take a few days.

Turns out that he constructed an entirely new sound booth, ran the better part of two miles worth of cables and cords into new conduits. And then there was the matter installing new light fixtures, and the list goes on. We have just now settled into a normal routine of what we were doing prior to “operation reorganization”.

Then there was the matter of fighting off infections, allergic reactions, and a week-long bout of gastrointestinal distress.




There will be some changes coming to this blog. As much as it pains me to say it, I will be discontinuing the pick of the week. There were people who advised me that mentioning instances of idiocy was a mean and un-pastoral thing to do. I would like to apologize if I said anything less then wholesome.

The Jehovah series is still active, and I will post a new installment on Monday, April 9th.

With the removal of pick of the week, I will be adding a new series called “pioneers”. And that will be revolving around a person or a small group of people who have begun something wildly successful with such humble beginnings.

Sorry again for the long delay.

Keep it in Jesus