Honor, where honor is due.

Today is June 20th, 2018.

It is today that I have felt led to give honor, where honor is due. There was a man that was apparently a rather big deal. His name was David Camp.

Pastor Amos & Marie Cotter Honor, where honor is due.

I never met the man. But I have heard nothing but stellar things about him. During the summer of 2010, I was working as a landscaper (not grounds keeper) for Elim Bible Institute as a means of financing my tuition.

There was one day that sticks out. It was hot. I was working in the flower beds out side of the chapel on campus. The wife of the college president had just stepped outside with a few of her friends. Her phone rang. And her happy face disappeared. And she was soon crying. She burst forth in a mighty prayer. Claiming the blood of Jesus for someone who obviously was in bad shape.

June 16th was the day and the accident happened about 1:23 pm. A truck turned in front of him and he swerved to avoid it and an oncoming car carrying a pregnant woman. He hit a tree and incurred a traumatic head injury.

He was being treated at a hospital in the intensive care unit. A facebook page was created, it was used to spread the word, and be involved with recovery. It was plainly called “Pray for David Camp”. In the coming days, it grew at a staggering rate. At first it was a few dozen people, but as the story grew, and the situation turned, things escalated. When I joined the page, the number was already at 5,000.

The next morning it jumped to 7,000. I saw the status reports from his family and friends. And I was seeing progress being made. I did not know this man, but I could see the outpouring of love from so many people. And it stirred within me. I forwarded the page to all my Facebook friends numbering close to 200, and they all accepted it. I was fully convinced that David was going to pull through. And I thought to my self, if and when he does, I could say I was part of something big. When he recovered, I wanted to hear that man’s testimony.

Fathers day, 2010 (June 20th),

David was called home. And no, I am not talking about a discharge from the hospital. And even today, I feel that same familiar sorrow. The heartbreak. The sense of loss. Never before had I been so impacted by a stranger’s death. I remember a quote that his father posted that day.

“This is not the father’s day present I was expecting.”

It has been eight years to the day. And it is this that I want to share with you dear readers. Just because the story didn’t end the way we would have wanted it, there is joy and praise that has been garnered out of this. I believe Boromir said it best,

“Yes there is weakness, there is frailty. But there is courage also, and honor to be found in men.”

And it is this honor I want to recognize.

I contacted David’s parents, asking for permission to write this. Not only did they give me their blessing, they shared with me all the good that has come out of this. I have some quotes from them.

“It’s wonderful to hear your words to us during this anniversary time of David‘s passing. It is difficult but with God’s grace he continues to give us beauty for our ashes. We are blessed to know that you would like to share your heart and experiences that surround our son David. We know that it will continue to bring glory to God. … We have heard testimonies of salvation’s, people being called into ministry And other amazing ways God has multiplied the grain of wheat falling to the ground. Even our own lives have been impacted in ways we could never have imagined! [We] have been traveling to Africa these past four years and God has opened up an amazing ministry called David’s KidZ international. It is a sponsorship program that children participate in to go to school and receive care and meals.” – John and Kristen Camp

“I remember his great love of life and for people. When he passed and in the years following I have found myself listing him among those who passed without receiving the promise. I [would] claim the verses at the end of Hebrews 11 for his family.  “These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” (Hebrews 11:39 – 40) What a legacy they have praying for his recovery, and him receiving heaven as an answer.” – Cindy Scott

I didn’t know him super well but I knew he had a heart of gold. He truly cared about people. I remember after his death, his family found a list of things he had written down saying he wouldn’t compromise. He would apparently read it over himself every day. Since then, I wrote them down and I keep them at my desk at work so I can always remember what I should never compromise. – Pam Kauffman

I will not compromise By David Camp

Pastor Amos & Marie Cotter Honor, where honor is due.

My Integrity                                            God’s standards of morality – Righteousness

My reputation as a Chirstian       The spiritual gifts God has given me

The trust I have earned                   The Holy Spirit’s presence in me

The call of God on my life                God’s will in me

I will not compromise For Sin         My standards

My virginity until marriage             The life God has called me to live


“He truly cared, he is one of those people who you know means what they say and genuinely cares. He is extremely kind hearted and fun loving and make you feel like you were life long friends after only five minutes.” – Andrew Rinaldi

“I didn’t know him well, but he was always smiling and always kind. Extremely talented. Just a really chill and really cool guy. Honestly, wish I could have known him better.” – Beki Birtcher


    • Mary Ann Pratt on June 20, 2018 at 10:52 pm

    HI Amos,I knew David for most of his life..He was the best hugger this old lady ever met..When he said he loved you ,you felt it..The love of Jesus radiated from him..His heart was sincere and all these years later ,his dreams still unfold..One day you get to meet him too…Shortly after David died ,An elderly lady from our church had a massive heart attack,she saw David and Jesup skipping rocks over water .As Jesus started to ask her if she wanted to stay ,as she was answering him,David made a clicking sound with his mouth and winked at her…She said that the word “Oh” out when she wanted to say “oh yes”…she came back to her body as they shocked her and she heard the Dr say “She’s back”….months passed before she told this to his mom,who was still in deep grief..His mom told me that this helped heal her heart. Because this elderly lady had no.idea that one of Davids favorite things to do was to skip rocks,even if it was just a mud puddle…And the way he would acknowledge people,even his mom and dad was to wink and make that clicking sound with his mouth…..It’s amazing how Abba cares about the littlest details…Lord bless you my friend….

    1. Thank you Mary. I am finding more encouragement in places I didn’t even expect. When I felt led to write this piece, I was afraid I was going to get a lot of back lash. I was scared I may reopen old wounds. But I have found noting but words of hope, love, and encouragement. I also wasn’t thinking I would get the kind of response that came. The site gained over 110 views in one day, and 98 of those were in the first three hours. David was a well liked and well loved man. I had one of my college RAs tell me, what we do on Earth, echos in eternity. and David made more than just a few ripples. He made waves. Blessings.
      -Pastor Amos

    • Kimberly Gilbert on June 22, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    What a beautiful testamony. We never know how our lives fully affects those around us. Thank you so much for sharing!

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