A man of Patience

So I was reflecting on some of the many things that shaped me into the man I am today. And I have already done a post on people of influence. But my mind keeps circling back to one person in particular.

When I first met this person, I was very young. And even though I proved to be a troublemaker, and a general nuisance, this person still chose to mentor me. This person was very adamant about making sure I gave my all. And nothing short of my best was good enough. This guy taught me wisdom on more that a few occasions. I can still here echoes of his words when painting walls and even the mud room floor. When cycling through the budget, I can hear the words “Do you need that, or do you want it?” When I arrive at the conclusion it is a want, its priority changes.

We fought. We argued. And there were times when I didn’t much care to see or even so much as sense his presence. And this relationship I had with him certainly was rocky and at times rather unpleasant. But that is not to say I didn’t like him. I respect this man. Because I know…no matter what He only has my best interest in mind.

I remember an instance when I let my temper get the better part of me. I ended up breaking the window to my front door. (over something stupid) and having no real idea how to fix it myself, this guy got involved. And he was mad that I had done that, and that I needed him to help me fix it. But that same night he called me. He was calm, cool, and collected. He ended up giving me some silver certificates from the 1920’s.

It was that instance when I realized this guy really did care, and regardless of what situation I got myself into, he was going to be there.

There are many friends that I have made (and even lost) over the years. But this man has weathered the storms with me. Even though I think I alone am responsible for half the gray hairs on his head. And there are many other instances I am leaving out.

He has my respect and trust. It is this man that I have to thank for where I am now, and the wisdom that he imparted to me. And at this time I would like to recognize this man and thank him for all he has done for me.

Thank you dad.

Father, a symbol of family and most of the time pride.

encoragment and learning, come in and out with the tide.

One who shows you who you are, and gives lessons here and there.

One who teaches wisdom and morals, and always shows fatherly care.

He who works hard, and supports his kids and wife.

hard and long hours, taking most of his life.

toil and sometimes pain, with dicapline to dish out.

telling children to smile and never to pout.

being brave and selfless, denial of energy, money and time.

like a duck to the water and a poet to his rhyme.

taken on a journey, with many mountains to climb,

dad is a job, that is more than full time.


This is Pastor Amos, reminding you to listen to your parents. Thank your dad today if you can.

As always, Keep it in Jesus.


    • Uncle Ed on April 6, 2018 at 6:24 am

    Pastor Amos, Touching tribute. So often we think to say these types of things when the time to do so has passed. I’m glad you realized this now and were able to express these thoughts.

    1. Thank you Uncle Ed. It took a while to grapple with those words, to accurately convey the feelings of Pride, Admiration, and Respect. I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity for reflection to come to these realizations.

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