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Spiritual Identity

Who are you? Much like many of you, I have had to grapple with my Identity.  And having said that, everything in the question of “Who are you, or who am I?” boils back to one thing. Self awareness. Or self identity There are a few factors the effect self awareness and development of it …

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The age old question…Why?

I often wonder about the complexity of the will and plan of God. The sovereign plan of God cannot be stopped. And in His all knowing state, there is nothing that will escape his view or grasp. Allow me to explain, During the summer of 2006 I was diagnosed with Progressive myoclonus epilepsy. (for more …

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Examining My Flaws

There has been something that I have always wanted to do. A high honor in my mind. And there was a mid-range probability that it would finally come to fruition this coming September. But as It seems, my pride is getting in the way. Yes, it is important to spread the Gospel of Jesus. Furthering …

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Will you not wait?

Will you not wait? Will you not tarry? Did our King not tell us, of this world to be wary? The instruction they gave, and the words they spoke, To us the utmost importance, to others a joke. We have seen His hand move, and experienced His power, Will you not listen to His word, …

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