Congratulations! You have reached the site of Pastors Amos and Marie Cotter. It is our intent to reach the city of Oskaloosa for Jesus. Our youth group Thee Edge is currently in the works,  and we are aiming for a launch date sometime after March. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas. Keep it in Jesus!

Pick of the Week – Episode 4: Cable Complications

Well, its Thursday. Time for Amos’ pick of the week. This week’s moment of moron-ism is brought to you by Jen, way out in the (fill in the blank) State of California. Jen it seems is having problems with a bit more than just lack of picture. Me: Welcome to cable company’s department of activations, …

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A life spared 1 of 5

There have been many things in my history that still astound me. I have been told I have a higher calling on my life, and the following instances will show that my life is important to the master plan of God. because if it weren’t I would not have survived. I believe I was the …

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Nerf Wars

While at Bible college, the two halls of the dorm I stayed in, had some extra money, and we decided to be a bit childish. We bought Nerf guns. Most of us opted for the classic 6 shot maverick. We had some legitimate wars. Complete with battle cries, and our own flags. The rhyme is …

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At Elim Bible institute, where I received my Biblical education, I found that there was a lot of frustrations, and hardships. There was a running joke about the three year program at Elim. And it was said that those three years are your Death, burial and resurrection. And I am here to say that is …

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